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The days 21-22 of May, the fourth meeting of the Eurostars project granted to Tequir was held in Ankara (Turkey) due to the cooperation between Tequir and Normmed for the development of a specific antimicrobial coating for the Keep Walking Advanced connector.


We continue working to improve the quality of the patients with amputation!


Durante los días 21 y 22 de mayo, se ha llevado a cabo el cuarto encuentro en Ankara (Turquía) del proyecto Eurostars, concedido a Tequir, debido a la cooperación entre Tequir y Normmed para el desarrollo de un recubrimiento antimicrobiano específico para el conector Keep Walking Advanced.

¡Seguimos trabajando para mejorar la calidad de vida de los pacientes con amputación!



At present, materials technology is one of the most promising fields in prosthesis. TEQUIR led a consortium with Spanish research centres (IBV, CBIT-UPV and INASMET-TECNALIA) to develop new biomaterials to be used in bone fusion. This consortium was involved in a CENIT INTELIMPLANT project (Advanced Biomaterials for a New Generation of Implants) led by BTI (Biotechnology Institute, S.L.). As a result of this project, a new biomaterial with promising properties in the regeneration of bone defects was developed. The project reached the synthesis stage of different biopolymers, their biological in vivo and in vitro evaluation and their mechanical evaluation. All these tests were carried out comparing them with a commercially available control commercial material with a similar functionality.

After the densitometry studies and 3D reconstruction, and the mechanical tests, no significant differences were founded in the newly-formed bone tissue as a result of repairing the generated defect, neither between the employed biomaterials (including the control material) nor between the test periods (8 and 16 weeks).

The behaviour of all test biomaterials (including the control material) is very similar both in the short term and the long term, and in all cases there is practically a full recovery of the mechanical resistance of the bone in comparison with healthy tissue. The fact that new biomaterials developed in the project achieve bone tissue regeneration in critical size defect comparable to that of the control material is a very positive result and indicates that any of these treatments could be used in the clinical application of vertebral fusions. As a result of the project, the enterprise has a new biomaterial that in the near future could reach the market, increasing the enterprise competitiveness.


Tequir is a company created in the year 1998 by a group of companies, distributores in the field of spine, orthopedics and traumatology. It was created with the purpose to serve as a regulatory base and import company of complementary distributions besides the brands represented at that time by the asociated companies, as well as an option for manufacturing in house products for the group of GAT companies. In the year 2008 a restructure takes place among the associates, and Remeco S.A. and Maturana S.L., the current shareholders of Tequir, decide to substancialy enhance the capacities of Tequir in the field of I D, separating from Tequir everything related to import and distribution of medical products, actually managed by the company KeepWalking Project. As of this moment, the company is called Tequir I D i. The mision of Tequir I D i is to develop implantable medical devices that provide improvements to the current surgical techniques, principally in the musculosketetal system. Through its asociates, Tequir I D i is in direct contact with the field and market, which results in an added value to the developing team, which receives input to the design process based on the necesities and problems detected by the product specific clinical  teams.

Tequir's development process is based on multidisciplinary discussions between clinicians, market experts, biomechanical technicians and regulatory bodies. Each one of them providing its own different focus, conforming a pool of ideas, that, if conveniently conducted within the regulatory law frames, results in a project with a high potential of success. 

The set of development capabilities within Tequir, in combination with a constant update and actualization of the applicable technologies in the field of Medical Device Products, make Tequir I D i an ideal partner for the development of novel ideas, from its conceptual envisioning till its complete development. The initial project analysis, performed by our department of project management, allows us to define a development sequence right from the start and study the possible regional, national or European finance programs, that are best suited to the project characteristics. Tequir I D i is leader of a European project within the 7th Frame Program, called StimulAIS, where we act as Coordinator and Technical Direction of the Project.

Our mission is to endeavor the development of projects that offer a superior quality of life to the patient, actively promoting the collaboration between specialized clinical teams and transfer all that work and illusion to a concrete goal: Reach the market with a product that solves a problem.


About us

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 Tequir es una empresa creada en el año 1998 por un grupo de empresas distribuidoras en el campo de la columna, ortopedia y traumatología. Se crea con el propósito de servir de base regulatoria e importadora de distribuciones complementarias a las que tenían los socios y, tambien,  como opción para fabricación de producto propio para el grupo de empresas GAT. En el año 2008 se produce una reestructuración societaria y Remeco S.A. y Maturana S.L., actuales accionistas de Tequir, deciden potenciar de manera importante las capacidades de Tequir en el campo de la I+D, separando de Tequir todo lo relativo a la importación y distribución de productos (gestionándose actualmente desde la empresa BTM). Desde ese momento, la empresa pasa a llamarse Tequir I+D+i. La misión de Tequir I+D+i es desarrollar dispositivos implantables que aporten mejoras a las técnicas quirúrgicas actuales, principalmente en el Sistema Músculo Esquelético.Tequir I+D+i, a través de sus socios, está en contacto directo con el mercado, lo que le confiere un valor añadido al equipo de desarrollo,  que recibe entradas al proceso de diseño a partir de las necesidades y problemas detectados por los equipos clínicos especializados en el producto.

El proceso de desarrollo de Tequir I+D+i se basa en la discusión multidisplinar entre clínicos, expertos en mercado, técnicos biomecánicos y entes reguladores, aportando cada uno un enfoque diferente y conformando un magma de ideas que, convenientemente conducido y teniendo en cuenta siempre el marco normativo del producto, se transforma en un proyecto con alto potencial de éxito.

El conjunto de capacidades de desarrollo de las que dispone Tequir, unido a una actualización constante en tecnologías aplicables al producto sanitario, convierten a Tequir I+D+i en el partner ideal para el desarrollo de ideas novedosas desde su ideación conceptual hasta su completo desarrollo. El análisis inicial del proyecto, realizado por nuestro departamento de gestión de proyectos, permite definir una secuencia de desarrollo desde el inicio y estudiar los posibles programas de financiación regional, nacional o europeo que mejor se adecuan a las características del proyecto.

Tequir I+D+i es líder de un proyecto europeo dentro del 7º programa marco, StimulAIS, dónde actuamos como Coordinación y Dirección Técnica del proyecto.

Nuestra misión es la de esforzarnos por desarrollar proyectos que ofrezcan al paciente una calidad de vida superior, promoviendo activamente la colaboración con equipos clínicos especializados y trasladando todo ese trabajo e ilusión a un objetivo concreto: Llegar al mercado con un producto que solucione un problema.