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There exist numerous causes that can lead to an amputation, such as traumatisms, infections, different vascular pathologies such as diabetes, severe burns or tumors.

KEEP WALKING is the commercial name of the successfully concluded  I+D PROMUTEQ project, which was directed to persons who have suffered or are going to suffer an amputation of the lower limb above knee level. The objective was to develop a novel implant that would permit to offer a solution to some of the problems amputated patients suffer and whose origin is in the lack of distal load of the stump within a prosthesis socket. This lack of distal load, forces the socket to discharge the loads in an important way to the ischium, impeding a complete use of the available leverage arm and has the soft tissues suffering pressures and pains because of socket usage. Additionally at medium/long term deossification of the femur occurs because of the lack of stimulus.

The development was focused towards a definitive solution (implantable) that endows the transfemoral amputated patient the capacity to use a socket with distal load, reporting him/her the benefits a knee disarticulated patient has. Specifically, distal weight bearing would offer maintenance of the Bone Mineral Density, or improving it in case of previously amputated patients. It would also improve control of the stump and would avoid charges to the ischium, augmenting the daily number of hours of socket use. And last it would improve the oxygen consumption because of less fatigue during walking. More precise, it would augment the quality of life of the amputated patient.

PROMUTEQ, within the mark of the project “Clinical trial validation of the efficiency and security of a transfemoral implant” has been partially financed by the “Center for the Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) within the program for Projects of Investigation and development.

The clinical validation is currently performed in five national hospitals. The period of follow up of each recruited patient is 14 months. The investigation team is formed by the heads of the departments of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the participating hospitals. TEQUIR is responsible for monitorization of the clinical trial.

The clinical trial validation phase of this project has been co-financed by the European Fund of Regional Development FEDER, operative program of Technological Fund 2007-2013.