About us - Tequir

About us - Tequir

Tequir is a company created in the year 1998 by a group of companies, distributores in the field of spine, orthopedics and traumatology. It was created with the purpose to serve as a regulatory base and import company of complementary distributions besides the brands represented at that time by the asociated companies, as well as an option for manufacturing in house products for the group of GAT companies. In the year 2008 a restructure takes place among the associates, and Remeco S.A. and Maturana S.L., the current shareholders of Tequir, decide to substancialy enhance the capacities of Tequir in the field of I+D, separating from Tequir everything related to import and distribution of medical products, actually managed by the company KeepWalking Project. As of this moment, the company is called Tequir I+D+i. The mision of Tequir I+D+i is to develop implantable medical devices that provide improvements to the current surgical techniques, principally in the musculosketetal system. Through its asociates, Tequir I+D+i is in direct contact with the field and market, which results in an added value to the developing team, which receives input to the design process based on the necesities and problems detected by the product specific clinical  teams.

Tequir's development process is based on multidisciplinary discussions between clinicians, market experts, biomechanical technicians and regulatory bodies. Each one of them providing its own different focus, conforming a pool of ideas, that, if conveniently conducted within the regulatory law frames, results in a project with a high potential of success. 

The set of development capabilities within Tequir, in combination with a constant update and actualization of the applicable technologies in the field of Medical Device Products, make Tequir I+D+i an ideal partner for the development of novel ideas, from its conceptual envisioning till its complete development. The initial project analysis, performed by our department of project management, allows us to define a development sequence right from the start and study the possible regional, national or European finance programs, that are best suited to the project characteristics. Tequir I+D+i is leader of a European project within the 7th Frame Program, called StimulAIS, where we act as Coordinator and Technical Direction of the Project.

Our mission is to endeavor the development of projects that offer a superior quality of life to the patient, actively promoting the collaboration between specialized clinical teams and transfer all that work and illusion to a concrete goal: Reach the market with a product that solves a problem.